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Miami FL HCG Doctor, Ian Concilio, M.D. has helped over a thousand men and women with unique weight loss goals, lifestyles, and health statuses to overcome obesity, and his protocols are individualized to match each patient case and provide results that can be seen and felt in a matter of days. Elite Health Center is for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity in their health care, and the clinic’s approach differentiates them from other weight loss programs. At Elite Health Center each patient is evaluated individually and personalized programs are tailored specifically for individual lifestyle and dietary needs. Patients will receive one-on-one time with a foremost expert in weight loss medicine and nutritional science, Doctor Ian Concilio. Extensively trained in obesity management and with over ten years of experience in offering the HCG Diet to patients, Dr. Concilio will formulate the best strategy that will ultimately translate into lifestyle changes to ensure each patient’s weight loss success and long-term weight control.

Being able to provide such a personal level of care sets Elite Health Center’s programs apart from other commercial based weight loss programs. Additionally, as a medical weight loss specialist, Doctor Concilio provides ongoing evaluations for patient’s health statuses. He can also prescribe weight control medications, such as appetite suppressants to assist with weight loss efforts. Doctor Concilio feels that patient education is paramount, and the doctor and patient experience should be more than the conventional minimal time limits. Each patient should understand what is going on in their body, how to fix it, and the benefits associated with their treatment plans. This creates transparency and makes both the doctor and patient accountable to their commitments.

The HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG hormone functions on a metabolic level, and for this reason it works the same in both men and women. Actually, men tend to lose weight a little faster than most women on the HCG Diet due to the interaction of HCG and testosterone in the male body. Most patients lose around one pound of body fat per day and must follow a specially formulated diet for optimal results. Without the HCG hormone, eating a daily diet with low calories could cause significant health problems and would cause the dieter to feel hungry, tired, mentally unclear, and moody. The body would also burn through muscle tissue instead of excess fat stores.

When the body intakes a low amount of calories, the brain senses a nutrient deficiency, which causes the body to break into fat stores and use them for nutrients and energy. While on the diet, patients can only eat low sugar fruits, fresh non-starchy vegetables, and lean meats; these foods can prevent patients from gaining weight and allow the HCG hormone to continue signalling fat breakdown. Doctor Concilio can provide dietary recommendations to patients, and his unique HCG Diet protocols have helped countless men and women achieve their weight loss goals.

Getting Started With HCG

During the initial evaluation, the details of each patient’s medical history are thoroughly reviewed. Each patient is assessed for hormonal causes of weight gain as well as medical conditions that are the consequences of excess weight. If applicable, current medications are evaluated to assess their contribution to weight control difficulties. Doctor Concilio evaluation includes a physical examination with a medical doctor and a laboratory analysis of blood, if needed. It also includes a body composition analysis, utilizing a leading-edge and painless medical device to calculate the patient’s exact body fat, muscle mass, body water and basal metabolic rate or BMR, which is the amount of calories burned at rest in a 24 hour time period.
Finally, when all the information is taken into consideration, an appropriate course of treatment can be recommended.

The doctor will review the proposed treatment options and provide nutritional recommendations, make appropriate medication additions or changes, and offer suggestions for physical activity that are appropriate for the patient’s current state of health. Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements geared to optimize metabolic function may be prescribed based on the evaluation. Injections are the main delivery form of the HCG hormone, but sublingual trouches are available as well. Cycles of HCG typically last from 30 to 50 days, depending on the patient case, but they usually last for around 40 days. Weekly follow-ups with each patient to check progress, make adjustments if needed, and to hold each patient accountable to their weight loss goals are available. The clinical services team supports the patient every step of the way from the initial consult to the final weight in. This process is a collaborative effort, and working with a highly trained expert physician will formulate the best strategy for each patient that will ultimately translate into lifestyle changes to ensure long-term weight control.

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