What is the HCG Diet?

Ian Concilio, M.D. at Elite Health Center in Miami, Florida offers customized HCG Diet programs to men and women that are ready to lose weight and reclaim their excess body fat. The Elite Health Center offers exceptional medical weight loss programs that include custom diet and exercise regimens and individualized HCG Diet plans. The HCG diet combines the administration of HCG with a low calorie diet to help patients lose significant amounts of weight without the negative side effects of hunger or the risk of protein deficiency and muscle atrophy. With continual support throughout the weight loss process, the Elite Health Center provides first class service to each of its patients in the Aventura and Miami Florida Areas.

History of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet has been used for more than 60 years, Doctor Albert T.W. Simeons was the doctor that first discovered the weight loss powers of HCG. When Dr. Simeons was in India performing research, he noticed a unique phenomenon among local Indian women. Although many of the women were malnourished and worked long, grueling hours, they still gave birth to healthy infants. Through more research, Dr. Simeons soon discovered that the interactions of HCG hormones and the metabolism was the reason that the malnourished women were giving birth to healthy babies.

As he continued studying HCG, Dr. Simeons found that the woman’s body activated this hormone when malnutrition or protein deficiency occurred, such as in a famine or drought. Then, HCG targeted fat stores in the woman’s body, using the body fat to supplement an inadequate caloric intake. By converting the fat into energy, the baby received the nutrition needed to develop normally.

Once Dr. Simeons understood how HCG worked, he began using the hormone to treat his own patients who needed to lose significant amounts of weight. This led him to develop the very first HCG diet plan, which combined small doses of HCG with a very low calorie diet. When he saw great results, he shared his research in the book Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity.

While the HCG diet started with Dr. Simeons, medical professionals continue to use his discoveries and build on his research to help overweight patients lose weight today.

How the HCG Diet Works

Before beginning the HCG diet, the medical weight loss experts at Elite Health Center will conduct specialized tests to determine the unique needs of your body. An HCG Diet specialist will use the test results to create a plan that meets your specific biological needs. The diet will include taking daily doses of HCG, as well as observing a low calorie diet.

The low calorie diet generally involves eating only around 500 calories daily, however every patient is different and your HCG diet specialist may have a different recommendation for you. Foods allowed on the diet include protein, non-starchy vegetables, fresh fruit, and limited carbohydrates. Various seasonings and herbs are also allowed. Proper hydration is important while on the HCG diet; patients typically are allowed to drink unsweetened tea, coffee, and plenty of water. It is also imperative that patients avoid consuming processed foods or foods containing sugars or fats.

HCG and Weight Loss

Just as HCG causes a pregnant woman’s body to use fat stores for energy and sustenance, it can also cause the male and female body to burn fat for energy when calories are limited outside of pregnancy. While many diets that severely restrict calories can result in muscle loss, the addition of the HCG hormones to the low calorie diet ensures that the body burns fat instead of muscle. The excess fat that is stored on the abdomen, arms, back, hips, and thighs is burned to ensure the body has plenty of energy.

HCG Diet Benefits

The HCG diet offers many excellent benefits, one of the key benefits that set this diet apart from other popular diets is its ability to target excess fat stores. Most low calorie diets result in the loss of water weight and muscle mass, but the HCG diet deals with the root of the problem, unhealthy, excess body fat. The HCG used each day also helps to ensure that patients do not experience the side effects that often accompany a low calorie diet due to hunger, such as fatigue, headaches, and weakness.

HCG Diet Results

It’s important to note that the results enjoyed by patients on the HCG diet can vary. However, many patients enjoy fast, significant weight loss results. It is very common for patients to report losing a pound of body fat a day while on the diet, and some patients lose even more. The exact amount of weight lost may vary from patient to patient, talk to the HCG Diet specialists at Elite Health Center to learn more about what kind of results you can expect from an HCG diet plan designed just for you.

Not only are patients able to lose a significant amount of weight on the HCG diet, but the loss of so much unhealthy fat offers excellent health benefits too. Patients often report lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and more energy after losing weight on the HCG Diet.

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